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6 Easy Steps to Rolling the Perfect Joint Beginner Proof Guide

6 Easy Steps to Rolling the Perfect Joint Beginner Proof Guide

Are you tired of watching people easily roll joints, wishing you were one of them? Do your attempts to roll joints leave you less than satisfied? Do you think there is some mysterious science to it that others are privy to but not you? Once you read through this easy-to-understand guide, the mystery will be gone. You will be rolling joints like a pro in no time. But first, let’s start with joint rolling fundamentals. 

Rolling joints 101 – The fundamentals

How much weed do you need? 

If you are just starting your joint rolling journey, begin with about a half gram of marijuana. This will fit perfectly into 1 1/4-size rolling papers. You don’t want to start rolling fatties from the start. Start small, and build up from there. 

The joints you see in dispensaries are typically one gram and are mostly rolled with machines. Don’t try to aspire to that. Just start with the basics. 

Grinders – they will make it easier. 

Never try to put a whole bud in a paper. It won’t work. Invest in a grinder to prepare your bud. These can be plastic, metal, or even hemp; they should all generally do a good job. The stainless steel grinders will last longer, however. 

You can use your fingers to break up the buds if the cannabis buds are dry enough. And scissors work great too. Make sure your cannabis flower is ground up, removing all stems and seeds. Make sure not to grind it too fine though, you don’t want to be rolling dust!

Choosing the best rolling paper for your joint rolling needs. 

You may be overwhelmed with all the rolling papers on the market today. They come in all types of sizes, flavors, and materials. 

Size: Keep it simple if you are a beginner by choosing 1 1/4 papers. They are tried and true and the standard for joint rolling. Once you get your rolling fingers familiar with the paper, you can upgrade to 1 1/2 papers, which are wider. You may even venture into a king-size rolling paper which is great if you are going to a party and you know you will pass a joint to many people. 

Rolling Paper Material: Traditionally, rolling papers have been made from the same tree pulp materials as cigarette papers. Today, however, you have a choice. Rolling papers can be made from hemp, rice paper, bamboo, or flax. The option is really up to you. 

Pick a Flavor: Not everyone wants a grape-flavored rolling paper, but they exist. Choose an unflavored or hemp based joint rolling paper if you want a more natural experience. 

Choosing filter materials: Not everyone prefers a filter. It adds time and technique to your rolling routine. But, if you do, you can make one. Most rolling paper packs have a portion of perforated thicker paper. This can be used for your filter. But if you have a business card or index card, those will work fine too. Really the goal here is to prevent pulling bits of cannabis into your mouth while smoking.

Optional Tools: Having a clean and relatively flat surface to roll your joints on is helpful. A rolling tray comes in handy here. But a magazine works well if you don’t have a rolling tray. It makes cleanup easy, too. 

A packing tool like a pen, pencil or another small poker will work wonders. 

Now that you understand the fundamentals of what you will need to roll that perfect joint, let’s get to the how-to.

6 steps to rolling the perfect joint for beginners. 

Step 1: Prepare and grind your marijuana 

When grinding your weed, you don’t want to overdo it. Grinding cannabis buds into a fine powder will cause problems. Running your weed once or twice through the grinder will do it. 

Most grinders will have a separate compartment for catching the kief. Kief is the cannabis “dust” that is collected in the grinding process. It is made up of trichomes and plant matter so definitely don’t waste it! Once enough kief is collected, you can scoop it up and add it to your joint for a little extra punch! 

Step 2: Construct a filter 

The filter is important for the joint’s structural integrity and keeps loose weed from spilling out as you smoke. Tear one rectangular sheet off and fold one edge back and forth like a tiny accordion. 

Filters or crutches can be made from rolling paper cardboard containers, business cards, and thin cardboard.

Step 3: Fill the rolling paper with marijuana 

Place your accordion folded filter at one end of the rolling paper. Fold the paper in half, and fill it with your ground cannabis. Once you have the paper loaded with your ground marijuana, you are ready to roll. 

Step 4: Roll the joint 

Now that you have loaded your paper, it’s time to roll it up. This is the point where most people panic. Don’t! You won’t get it right the first time. But with practice, you will indeed get it. 

Pinch the paper between your thumb and fingertips. Keep making a rolling action until it is into a cone or cigarette shape. Tuck one end of the paper in to contain the ground material while rolling. You can always start over if you mess it up. Try, try again until you have a joint you are proud of. 

Step 5: Seal the joint closed 

A little goes a long way here. You don’t have to make out with your joint to seal it. There is very little glue, so very little saliva is necessary. Tuck the unglued side of your rolling paper into the rolled joint. Lick the edge of the glued end. Tack it down until it is sealed, and that is it. Always start licking from the filter side. Running your fingers across the glue line once rolled will help provide a more sound seal.

Step 6: Pack the joint for stability

Packing the open end of the joint will help the joint burn evenly. A pen or pencil works excellently here or another packing tool sold in your Michigan-based dispensary or smoke shop. You can even use the tip of your hoodie or shoelace as a hack in a pinch. 

Once you are done packing the cannabis into your joint, give the end a twist or a fold and enjoy. 

That wasn’t too hard, was it? Now, go on and give it a try. After you mess up, try again and again!!

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