HighHello: Lighting Up The Cannabis Marketplace

Where brands, consumers, and dispensaries converge for a seamless cannabis experience.

Our Story

HighHello was sparked into existence when its founders recognized some challenges in the market: brands grapple with forging impactful connections with customers, while consumers often get lost in a confusing fog when it comes to discovering new brands and understanding what constitutes “good” or “quality” cannabis. Their solution? HighHello – a beacon in the fog and the first cannabis subscription box on the East Coast.

Our Mission

We aim to roll up the best aspects of the cannabis industry into one potent joint of convenience and quality. We’re here to connect brands, consumers, and dispensaries, sparking a more accessible and efficient and quality cannabis experience for all involved.

What Makes Us Different

We’re not just another map of weed dispensaries – we’re your cannabis compass. We carefully curate the highest quality products from both small and large brands, offering you a convenient, educational, and affordable way to access cannabis. No decision fatigue here – we’ve pruned the excess and left only the choicest buds: exclusive access to products, events, and the freshest industry news. 

Meet our Founders

Our co-founders Felix and Vadim bring a unique blend of expertise to HighHello. Felix, with over two decades rooted in the tech industry, knows how to transform how businesses communicate with customers. Vadim, a seasoned cannabis industry leader and virtual platform entrepreneur, has a track record of germinating platforms that reinvest into the community. Cultivating their individual strengths, they’ve harvested HighHello, a haven where brands and consumers can light up connections, clear the smoke of confusion, and enjoy a smoother cannabis experience.

Our Goal

At HighHello, we aim to make quality cannabis consumption easy and accessible, while providing a platform for brands and dispensaries to connect with consumers. We’re not just looking to pass you a joint – we’re dedicated to passing you the best joint (or flower, dab, or edible) for your lifestyle.