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Myrcene: The Mother of Cannabis Terpenes?

Myrcene: The Mother of Cannabis Terpenes?

Eating mangoes will get you higher! Many have heard this cannabis rumor before but where does it come from? We need to look to the “mother of cannabis terpenes” – myrcene. Terpenes are usually mentioned when describing cannabis odors; myrcene being the most common is why we associate a majority of strains with an earthy/musky smell. It’s not just there to provide that familiar skunky smell, it has a number of “entourage” effect properties that further promote pain relief and sleep quality in cannabis users. This is also why it is important to look at terpene test results. We are constantly learning more about how terpenes and cannabinoids interact and use that information to guide our decision making in what strains best meet our needs.

It even helps cannabinoids pass more efficiently through the blood brain barrier to increase psychoactive effects; that’s where the Mango rumor comes from; although mangoes contain this incredible terpene it is in too trace of amounts to what you would need to experience a change that’s not placebo induced, eat mangoes anyway though they have plenty of benefits!

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