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A Top 10 List of the Best Portable Vaporizers for Your Vaping Pleasure

A Top 10 List of the Best Portable Vaporizers for Your Vaping Pleasure

Keeping up with cannabis accessories may seem like a daunting task. There always seems to be something new coming out. Accessory manufacturers constantly strive to make the marijuana experience more enjoyable. But all you want to know is which portable vaporizer is the best to buy for your needs and need help making that decision. 

We have scoured the web, day and night, and even on weekends reading reviews of the top-rated portable vaporizers. Today, we are sharing our findings to make your decision-making process easier. 

But first, you may wonder what a portable vaporizer is anyway and why I would want one. A portable vaporizer is a cannabis consumption device that allows you to consume dry herb (ground cannabis buds) by “vaporizing” them without the need for a flame or the consumption of smoke. This can be a healthier and more flavorful method that many are looking for. These devices have rechargeable batteries and are often discreet, making them accessible and ready to go anywhere.  

Here are the top 10 portable vaporizers on the market today. 

Zeus Arc GTS – A HighHello Top Pick

This portable vape is quite revolutionary. The company, Zeus, has been busy developing what they feel is the perfect vape for nearly four years. The Arc GTS is this brand’s 3rd generation portable vaporizer, and they keep improving. Aside from its very dense vapor production, it also has versatile portability.  

ArcPods: The standout feature of this portable vape are the ArcPods. You can pre-pack these capsules at home and easily insert them into your vape on the go. It saves time and is incredibly discreet. 

Gold-plated: This device has a gold-plated heating chamber and a zirconia vapor path. This structural design ensures optimal vapor quality. 

These standout features make the GTS one of our HighHello top picks. 

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The Mighty+ – Most Ergonomic

While this portable vaporizer is not the most budget-friendly, we find it one of the best. This Mighty+ is all about ergonomics, style, and functionality. 

The corrugated fin outer shell of the Mighty+ gives it a cool visual appearance and an ergonomic feel when it is in your hand. With its unique design, there is less surface area on the hand when in use, allowing the heat generated by the device to be used more efficiently. 

Storz & Bickel has claimed that the surface finish of the Mighty+ is also more scratch-resistant. Another small change is the addition of fins at the bottom of the Mighty+, which helps stabilize the vaporizer when placing it on top of a flat surface. 

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CRAFTY+ Best Pocket-Vape

This unit is small but mighty. Known as a “pocket-vape,” it hits hard like its big brother vape, the Mighty +, and delivers an optimal vaping experience. 

While this vape might take a while to heat up, it extracts quickly once heated. It provides good vapor quality, is not too harsh, and delivers a good taste. Above all else, it is straightforward to use, as well as consistent. 

Where the CRAFTY+ shines is its portability. It is small, lightweight, compact, and nearly invisible in your pocket. But as a trade-off, it has less battery power, which you would expect from a smaller unit. 

Overall, the CRAFTY+ is one of the best electronic vapes. Put in your herb, press the on button, and you will consistently receive fool-proof vapor with every pull. It makes a great beginner’s vape. 

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Utillian 722 – Most Versatile 

You may have heard of the award-winning Utillian 700 series. Well, the 722 is even better. This unit is ranked one of the best dry vaporizers in the world. And we say, wow! 

The heating speed is quite impressive. This vape heats up in 30 seconds. It also offers a substantial volume of convection-based vapor. And if you like big clouds, you are in for a treat. The Utillian 722 has a feature to create impressive clouds of vaporized cannabis. The unit has a 2300 mAh battery which keeps the unit running for about 60 minutes. For a convection unit, that is impressive. 

Accessories: This vape has the option for a concentrate canister which makes this vape the most versatile in function. 

This portable vaporizer is your best choice if you want a high-quality, incredibly versatile vaporizer that creates epic clouds. 

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Arizer Solo 2 – Simple, Not Sexy

The Arizer Solo 2 is often compared to a Volvo, which is not bad. This portable vaporizer is simple and easy to use. It epitomizes the catchphrase KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Not all cannabis consumers desire the sexy features and bells and whistles of portable vapes, making this vape a dream of simplicity.

The unit is solid and very high quality. Made with high-quality medical and food-grade components, it gives the user confidence in their product. It has a ceramic heating element providing optimal heat and vaping. 

The only thing you have to worry about breaking is the glass stems. So, if you can live with that and want to trade sexy for simple, this is your vape. 

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Arizer Air Max – Best Inhalation Experience

The Arizer Air MAX is a beast. It’s a simple-to-use vape without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Some cool features of the Arizer Air Max are its new extended battery life, digital temp display, and precise temperature control. These features combine to give the user consistent vapor draws from beginning to end.

One of the shining stars of the Arizer Device is, without a doubt, its signature heat-resistant borosilicate glass mouthpieces. It is one of the Air Max’s most notable features. It cools down the vapor before it reaches the user’s mouth. The glass’s neutral material also helps keep the vapor’s flavor pure and untainted by any foreign materials. Glass mouthpieces are probably one of the best features you’ll find on any vaporizer.

It comes with a removable 26650 Lithium-ion battery that lasts more than 2 hours of continuous use. 

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Tronian Milatron – Best for Your Budget 

The Tronian Milatron is known for being both budget-friendly and feature-packed, making it the best for your budget. One of this vape’s impressive features is its hybrid convection heating chamber. This chamber creates beautiful streams of thick vapor. It can quickly reach 240 degrees in under 35 seconds and doesn’t compromise on quality. It includes a 2300 mAh battery and a USB-C cable if you don’t want to wait for the battery to charge. 

This vape has extra screens and cleaning supplies as an added touch making it a beginner-friendly vaporizer for people on a budget. It is solid and high quality, and users can easily carry it in a small bag. 

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The DaVinci IQ2Best for Microdosing

This upgrade from the DaVinci IQ is the second most compact vape on this list. It is so compact you can fit it inside the palm of your hand. The vapor is smooth, and all temperature settings deliver a smooth vape experience. Its adjustable airflow increases and decreases draw resistance which controls the density of your vapor to suit your cloud preference. 

If you are micro-dosing, this vape is a great option. The chamber holds up to 0.5 grams of dried flower. It also includes dose pods of 0.2 grams for micro-dosing on the go. But we really love its dose calculator that calculates how many active compounds you are inhaling. The results, of course, are based on the potency of your strain. But it is a very neat feature. 

The Davinci 1Q2 is by far the most advanced portable vaporizer. You can easily adjust dosing to control the effects and tastes of your vapor. 

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Linx Gaia – Best for a Flavorful Experience

The Linx Gaia is a great little device with some pretty unique features. One of these features is the all-quartz chamber. These quartz chambers deliver premium flavor without ceramics or metal, which can alter the taste in some vapes.

The vapor experience is light, smooth, and full of flavor. This vaporizer might not be the best portable option, but if taste, mouthpiece quality, and manufacturing are what you dig, then you will be satisfied.

There is one drawback to this vape. The glass heating chamber can’t keep up with convection units that use a glass mouthpiece. Gaia’s heating chamber is also more prone to breakage. So, handle it with care.  

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Pax 3 – Sexiest Vape

Last, but most definitely not least, is the tried and true Pax 3. Pax is one of the most recognized brand, with the widely distributed Pax 1 and Pax 2. The Pax 3, however, has some issues to consider. Its glossiness, while attractive, caused lip and fingerprints to be a bother to some. But it also has some redeeming qualities, like the bottom chamber and portable conduction setup. Lipstick aside, it is still a smooth, slick, and attractive device. 

The Pax 3 comes with four pre-set temps ranging from 182 to 215 degrees. As far as max temps go, this is low. And if technology is your thing, you can adjust the settings via the Pax mobile app. 

This vape has some versatility, as you can use it with dried herbs and concentrates. In the comprehensive kit, the concentrate kit is also included. It has a good battery capacity of 3500 mAh, lasting about 1.5 hours. It does get pretty hot at the bottom, so beware of that. Overall, it still is a mighty fine device. 

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