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The Complete Users Guide to Cannabis Equipment for Storage and Use

The Complete Users Guide to Cannabis Equipment for Storage and Use

As cannabis culture explodes worldwide and in our new legal communities, cannabis consumers have many things to consider. The strain, the desired effect, and what form to consume it in are options that overwhelm most cannabis-curious consumers. And with new forms of cannabis comes new equipment needed to consume it. This GetHighHello guide to cannabis paraphernalia and accessories will eliminate the guesswork and help you find the cannabis equipment that is right for your desired use. 

What cannabis product speaks to you? 

In today’s cannabis culture, it is all about options! And there are so many of them. Don’t like to smoke? Vape. Don’t like to vape? Eat. Have dietary restrictions? Swallow a capsule. Need an extra boost? Dab. For many, the tried and true smoking is still the go-to delivery system, and hey, we don’t blame you. Rolling a joint is simple, with only the need for papers and a lighter and a little bit (or a lot) of rolling skill. But with increased options comes other equipment to consider. 

Concentrates are fast becoming the next big thing, and with good reason. They are discreet, easy to consume, and pack a good punch, depending on which you choose. In fact, these amazing dabbable concentrates are on track to outsell flower by 2022. 

Then, of course, there are the edibles that people know and love, too. Weed cookie for dessert? Yes, please! And why stop there? Have pain? Rub some CBD or THC salve on those sore muscles. Don’t want to consume alcohol? Have a booze-free THC cocktail. Want a simple delivery system? Drizzle a few drops of cannabis oil under your tongue. 

Regardless of which delivery system you choose, equipment is needed for both storage and use. 

Let’s talk about cannabis storage.

Flower Storage

We suggest upgrading from the zip-lock bag for cannabis flower (dried marijuana). An air-tight container that shields those beautiful buds from extreme temps, open air, and humidity will do just fine. It will also help conceal the aroma. 

Concentrate storage

Similar to cannabis flower, concentrates need to be stored in the right environment. You need to protect it from humidity, direct light, and open air. It also needs to be kept from high temps. But unlike flower, you will want to choose a receptacle from which you can easily scoop the concentrate. 

Vape pen and oil storage 

Nothing is more disappointing than a dead battery on a vape pen when you are ready to puff away. In addition to protection from direct light and temp, you will want to keep your pen standing upright. An upright pen will keep your oil close to the heating element, ensuring the proper functioning of your pen and prolonging the battery life. 

Storing edibles, topicals, and tinctures

I think you are getting the importance of the big three when it comes to cannabis storage: temperature, light, and air. This would certainly pertain to your edibles. Thankfully, the only piece of equipment you need with edibles, topicals, and tinctures is a refrigerator. And since most people already have one of those in their homes, you won’t find that in your GetHighHello delivery box.

How do you take your cannabis? 

Your preferred method of consuming your cannabis will also require specific equipment. Smoking marijuana still wins over other delivery systems. But vaping, dabbing, eating, drinking, and ingesting tinctures are quickly becoming just as used. Each one of these delivery systems requires its own set of equipment. 

If you like to smoke it

Pipes: Pipes can come in many different shapes and sizes from spoons and bowls to bubblers. While choosing a pipe, it is best to choose Glass. Glass is safe, durable, clean and looks cool too! 

Bongs: Not big on the cough or harshness that comes with combusting cannabis flower? A bong might be a great option. A bong uses water to soften the smoke, therefore giving a gentler experience on the inhale. Bongs probably deserve their own blog, as there are many varieties. Bongs can come with percolators, ice pinches, and other features.  

Rolled: Kicking it old school? Rolled marijuana cigarettes might be for you. If rolling joints, blunts, or spliffs you will need rolling papers or blunt wrappers. Want to ditch the roach and add a filter? You can do that in today’s cannabis world. And if you weren’t blessed with special rolling fingers, you can use a rolling tray or rolling machine to roll the perfect joint. 

One hitters and dugouts: One hitters are a convenient way to both store and consume your cannabis flower. A “one-hitter” is a small pipe equipped to hold one hit of cannabis. Usually, it comes with a “dugout” which is a storage device for ground flower you dip your bat or pipe into for a nice quick hit. 

Vaporizers: If you choose a smokeless experience for your cannabis flower, a vaporizer might be a dream come true. Don’t confuse vaporizers with vape pens, they are not the same. Flower vaporizers hold the dried flower and use high heat (not a flame) to activate the THC and turn it into vapor. 

If you want to dab it

Concentrates: If dabbing is what you wish to do, the equipment got a little more complex but equally interesting. You will need to invest in a “dab rig,” which resembles a water bong. The big difference here is the live resin, shatter, distillate, or wax accommodation. Such devices might be nails, domes, e-nails, and, yes, even a blowtorch. 

If you want to vape cannabis oil

Vape pen: A discreet way of consuming cannabis is to vape the oil. For this, you will need two things: a cannabis oil-filled cartridge and a battery. The oil and battery work together by heating the oil enough to create vaping steam. 

Frequency of cannabis consumption

Another thing to consider when choosing your cannabis equipment is your frequency of consumption. Casual users will have different equipment needs compared to people who consume daily. 

If you live the cannabis lifestyle, investing in higher-priced items is likely in your best interest. You want your cannabis products to be durable, reliable, and fail-safe. But, if it is just a favorite pastime or passive hobby, entry-level goods are fine until you are ready to truly invest in your arsenal. 

Where are you lighting up? 

Location is a big thing to consider when purchasing your gear. If you will consume mainly at home, the sky is the limit. You don’t have to skimp on that glass collection you have wanted to impress your friends with. 

So, buy that elaborate artistically made glass bong. Splurge on the glass pipe and dab rigs with multiple chambers, bowls and percolators. You can even feel good about using e-nails that use digital interfaces for heating your concentrates. Go nuts; it’s your home, do what you wish. 

If, on the other hand, you are traveling or plan on consuming cannabis outside, here are some suggested tools for inconspicuous and safe consumption. 

  • Collapsible silicone bongs.
  • Carrying cases for your flower.
  • Odor concealing receptacle for storage.
  • One-hitter with a dugout.
  • Vape pens and cartridges 
  • Pocket-sized vaporizers 
  • Nectar collectors and silicone dab jars 

For those that wish to be discreet

Yes, we are all happy that cannabis is now legal. But, it is not a free for all. Many people do not wish the world to know they are using cannabis for whatever reason. So equipment that addresses the tell-tale aroma and keeps things hidden is paramount to some folks. 

Spliffs (a blend of tobacco and cannabis), odor-proof storage containers, and personal air filters are all helpful in this situation. Another thing to consider to tackle the odor issue is to use a vape pen or partake in edibles. Not only are they discreet, but they also produce no odor. 

And if hiding your stash is your main priority, there are many ways to do that. Cannabis entrepreneurs have thought of everything, even designer cannabis trucks that look stylish but conceal odors and might even be built to control humidity keeping your cannabis fresh at all times. 

Life of the party or flying solo?

For many people today, cannabis use is a social activity. You may love getting together with friends and partaking in your favorite strain. Still, for others, it is a solitary activity. This dynamic could affect your cannabis equipment. 

If you are flying solo, small equipment and not as much of it is needed. Think small bowls or one-hitters. These require minimalistic storage as well. But if you are smoking or dabbing in a group, you might want to level up your equipment. You will want bowls big enough to pass around, double bowl adapters for your bons, and possibly a rolling machine to churn out multiple joints at a faster pace. 

Are you into function or fad? 

Stylish and artistic glassware is nothing new in the cannabis industry. But with the legalization of it nearly nationwide, glass blowers and artists alike are using their creativity in interesting and functional ways. 

If you are into function only, and aren’t too concerned with impressing your friends with your three foot bong in the shape of a peacock, a scientific piece of Glass might be better suited for you. These pieces are minimalistic, thicker to avoid accidental breaking, and function well for long periods of time. These might look more like beakers rather than bongs. 

But suppose your home or apartment is colorful and artfully designed, and you don’t care about concealing your glassware. In that case, there are many beautifully and artistically crafted pieces to choose from. But beware, due to the artistic quality, intricate designs, and colors blown into the glass, they are often not as durable and come at a higher price point. 

What’s your price point? 

Another thing that will contribute to the equipment you purchase is your budget. If you are on a shoestring, acquiring items that are smaller, more functional, and less artistic might be exactly what you need. But, buyer beware! Equipment that is too cheap may break more often, requiring you to continue buying more. It might be wise to look at your cannabis equipment as an investment, taking into consideration what is most important to you and making one good purchase that will last you a good long while. 

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