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This new monthly subscription club lets you discover cannabis in a unique way

This new monthly subscription club lets you discover cannabis in a unique way

You know the thrill of receiving a box of unknown contents to open on your birthday. Now, imagine that box showing up to your door every month instead of only once a year. And picture it being full of cannabis!

That’s right, a cannabis subscription club is coming down the pipe in Michigan. Totally dope, right? HighHello will start spreading good vibes on the west side of the state this fall, with plans to expand statewide in the months to come. 

When deliveries begin in November, you’ll receive a variety of cannabis products you might not ever have thought to try, plus bonus goodies to surprise you with monthly. Expect to encounter unique cannabis brands that you’ll come to highly appreciate.

“Everything about this experience is centered around discovery, fun and education,” said Zalman Makher, a founding partner of HighHello. “We want to help our members navigate their cannabis journey.”

It’s been three years since sales of recreational cannabis started in Michigan. So, it’s high time for a curated selection of new and innovative products to arrive at your home on a monthly basis – just like a wine or beer of the month club. 

Here’s how HighHello works:

  • When you sign up for the HighHello waitlist right now, you’ll be entered into daily and grand prize giveaways over the weeks leading up to the debut of the subscription club later this fall. Between now and then, you don’t need to pay a dime. When HighHello launches in November, you can subscribe to receive a new box of cannabis products every month for a flat, low monthly price. 
  • During sign up, you’ll enter your delivery information along with a day of the week and a 3-hour time window that works best for you to receive your much-anticipated, hand-delivered box. (Boxes cannot be mailed or left at the door, per state regulations, and must be handed to the subscriber. State regulations also require HighHello to get your driver’s license info to verify that you’re of legal age for cannabis.) You’ll also be asked some basic cannabis preferences that HighHello will use to customize your subscription boxes as the club grows in the future.
  • Unlike traditional cannabis delivery, there’s no shopping or advance knowledge of cannabis necessary to enjoy a HighHello subscription. Each box is expertly curated with an assortment of five to seven products including flower, pre-rolls, edibles and vapes in a variety of cannabis strains. And here’s another big perk: Although the total monthly membership is valued at $150, it costs you only $100 because you get the advantage of wholesale pricing that provides 50% extra value! 
  • In addition to cannabis products carefully curated and sourced in collaboration with local Michigan dispensaries, your subscription box will include cannabis accessories and surprise add-ons such as specialty snacks and discounted rates on event and concert tickets. Each month’s box will be unique, and customization of product mix, delivery frequency and different price points will become available in future months.
  • Your HighHello subscription includes the chance to chat with a virtual budtender each month in a private, 15-minute session where you can get the lowdown on any specific cannabis products in your box or anything about cannabis in general. No worries about holding up the line by asking questions at a dispensary. You can get answers from an expert in the privacy of your home. You can also scan QR codes on each product in your box to find general and technical information and check out The Green Room blog, an educational content library full of cannabis news and information on the latest products and brands. “Our mission isn’t complete until our members have the resources they need to engage with the cannabis community and what works right for them,” Makher said.

That makes a HighHello subscription ideal for people who are curious about all the new cannabis products out there but would rather not go to a dispensary and sort through it all in public. A curated monthly subscription box lets you try different kinds of cannabis in a discreet manner and discover what you like best so that if you do visit a dispensary in person, you’ll know what you want to get. 

“Stats show that cannabis legalization leads to organic growth, which means there are a whole lot of canna novices or canna-curious folks out there looking for a gateway into the world of flower,” Makher said. “That experience of introducing cannabis to someone and seeing them start incorporating it in a positive way in their lives is really exciting. Being able to do that on a mass scale is a dream come true.”

At the same time, a HighHello subscription is perfect for experienced cannabis fans, too. After all, who doesn’t like being surprised with something different from time to time?

“It’s just something fun and exciting,” Makher said. “You don’t know what’s in there. It’s something new every month. You’re always discovering new products and brands.”

HighHello also offers a joint opportunity for existing cannabis businesses. Even with the incredible growth of recreational cannabis in Michigan, many brands and dispensaries have a hard time connecting directly to customers in such a competitive market. And there remains a large number of people who haven’t been welcomed into cannabis culture yet. 

That’s where HighHello makes a great partner, highlighting creative new cannabis products and getting them directly into the hands of people in West Michigan and soon all over the state. 

“HighHello will become a household name synonymous with good vibes,” Makher said. “Our vision is to become a lifestyle brand that embodies cannabis culture — providing an in-home dispensary experience to everyone from the budding beginner to the seasoned consumer.”

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