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We truly believe that a community-driven approach is the best way to introduce people to HighHello, and want to support cannabis content creators by rewarding our supporters who spread the word to their audiences and friends!

Monetize Your Content

You should be worried about your content and your audience- let us take care of the monetizing headache. With your inspiring content and very own custom HighHello referral code, getting paid through your referrals is a breeze!

Connect With Brands

We’re built on providing value through our partner relationships with brands, dispensaries, and influencers. With so many brands in the box each month and our actively engaging community of enthusiasts & professionals, you’ll get to say HighHello to practically the whole cannabis community!

Community + Value

We like to start our partnerships by providing value upfront. We offer our affiliate partners our highest available public offer for you to share with your community when you introduce them to HighHello. When they subscribe and receive their box, you’ll automatically receive a commission.

How does it work?

Give $20

Offer our highest promotion, exclusive to our affiliate program. Anyone using your unique code will get $20 off their first box!

Get $20

For each person that subscribes to HighHello using your unique code, you’ll earn $20. No limits on how much you earn.

Join us on our mission to spread the HighHello story!

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