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Light Up Mother’s Day

Light Up Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, ditch the wilting flowers for our cannabis goodies, a lasting salute to supermoms and mom-figures alike, from biological moms to mentors and teachers – and YOU if you’re a mom yourself.

Whether Mom’s a flower fanatic or canna-curious, we’ve got a gift box for her – consider it a supermom survival kit. 

The mixed box is our top pick – it’s perfect to unwind after a year of, well, being Mom:

🌿 2 1/8ths of premium flower from LightSky & Light Order: a bouquet of blooms for the mom who appreciates the finer things in life
💪1 hefty live hash resin pre-roll from Franklin Fields: a robust pre-roll perfect for the mom who's not afraid to take on the world
📦 1 10-pack of Redemption joints: convenience at its finest for a quick, hassle-free escape when mom needs a breather
🍬 1 flavorful cart from Workers Cannabis: perfect for the mom who enjoys the zest of life
☀️ 1 everyday tincture from EverydayC: to help mom maintain her zen throughout the day, everyday
🥤1 good-time Sweet Justice soda: perfect for mom to kick back and enjoy her special day.
🍭 1 tube of delicious PotDot edibles: a sweet trip down memory lane for the mom that's a kid at heart, with an added twist of relaxation

Does Mom prefer edibles only? Or perhaps a newbie box is better if she’s still THC-cautious… Just like Mom’s endless skills (from expert advice-giver to bug-killer), our carefully curated boxes of cannabis products come in a variety of options. 

Purchase a box one-time, or go all-in with a subscription if you want to secure your spot as Favorite Child 🏆

Use code HIGHMOM for $30 OFF all boxes


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